Nanny Share

This is a scenario that is perfect for people who work part time as it is very cost effective. A nanny would work for and look after the children of more than one family, either at the same time or on different days. The families will have agreed the terms of employment between them and will share the cost, including the nanny's tax allowance. 

There are different types of nanny share arrangements including: 

  • Split week share: the families would share the nanny and the children are looked after on different days, each in their own home. 
  • Complete share: the children are looked after together at the same place on the same days. 
  • Main family share: One family employs the nanny full time and they share their nanny with the other family for part of the week.

We can help you find daily or live in, full or part time help. Please note part time vacancies are usually daily and must be for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

We are able to offer nationwide coverage.

As we recruit for each individual position and offer a wide range of recruitment choices,  please note that we are only able to help with permanent positions. 

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