On a daily basis, at Harris Recruitment we see CVs for perfectly experienced, suitable candidates that let them down, for one simple reason. They aren’t specifically tailored to the position they are looking and applying for.  Therefore, so you don’t miss out on jobs that you’d be perfect for, pleas make sure that the CV you send us is up to date and relevant.

            Why is that? Well, if twenty years in recruitment have taught me anything, it’s that when you apply for a job, any job, you absolutely must personalise your CV for the specific job that you’re applying for.

            Then, let’s say you don’t get the job and it happens to the best of us. Or maybe you get the job but for whatever reason you leave. So, you apply for a new position. You may be totally convinced that your CV was perfect. It may well have been; for that job.

            At Harris Recruitment, we understand that every family, every home and every business are different. The service we provide takes into account the specific requirements of every position that we aim to fill. This isn’t us going above and beyond; this is a fundamental of the entire job-seeking process and we wouldn’t dream of putting forward with the aim of hopefully placing anyone who wasn’t a good fit for that specific job.

            Therefore, we expect the same level of attention to detail from our candidates. If you want to show us that you’re the right person for the job, then you should be willing to put some effort in to be put forward for the position in the first place.

            You need to be constantly checking the relevance of everything you put down on your CV.  

Before the interview stage, your CV will be all that potential employers have to go on to let them know about you.  Making your CV current and relevant is a brilliant way to make a great first impression.

            Most importantly, make sure that your CV shows all your relevant experience and qualifications and includes the names of your employers and the dates you worked for them, putting your most recent job first.

            It doesn’t need to be a radical change, but specificity is the difference between a competent candidate and an outstanding one. For example, if you are applying for a housekeeper/nanny position, make sure you make all of your housekeeping, cleaning and childcare experience very clear.

            This also goes for job interviews as well. Make sure the talking points you’ve prepared are relevant to the job specifics that the client has asked for. Don’t expect them to be excited to hire you unless you show that you’re enthusiastic and suitable to work for them.