Please see below for some guidance from Carers UK, during the current Coronavirus pandemic, especially with regards to both live in carers and people going into a client’s home, especially if the person requiring the support is considered to be vulnerable :-

On a personal note at Harris Recruitment, we really care about you and want to help to keep both our clients and candidates as safe as possible during this dreadful time.

To avoid the spread of the Coronavirus in the care sector for the vulnerable, please see below for a couple of bits of advice that I’d like to share with you if you have or you are either a live in carer/ housekeeper or a relief carer/ housekeeper:-

  1. Please make sure that each carer/housekeeper has their own separate bedding (including their own sheets, pillows, duvets, pillowcases etc) and towels and are not sharing any of these items  with either the other carers or the client.


  1. It is very important, especially during these increasingly stressful times, that the primary full time live in carer/ housekeeper to ensure they have some proper time off each week and it is the responsibility of the family to sort that out and arrange adequate, suitable, relief care support.


  1. As they are looking after a vulnerable person, it is important that both the full time carer/ housekeeper and the relief carer/housekeeper make sure that when they are not at work, they do their best to reduce their exposure to other people and ensure that they follow the NHS guidelines:


  1. To the carers: please ensure that extra steps are taken with regards to hygiene and that when you return to work, after having had time off you change your shoes, wash your hands thoroughly and leave your coat etc in your room.


  1. To avoid any cross-contamination, we would also recommend that when there is a shift change, the returning carer wipes all surfaces and door handles.


  1. Finally, to the carers, please make sure you have enough rest and eat healthily. You are doing such an important job and we know how much your employers appreciate and value what you are doing. By taking care of the vulnerable, you are helping their families and of course easing the burden on the NHS. Be thoughtful & kind to each other, keep well, stay safe, look after yourselves and of course those you take care of.


With best wishes

Julia Harris


  1. How will coronavirus affect domestic employers?

We are monitoring Government announcements daily and will update the information below as and when changes happen. Please read our customer FAQs for the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) news and advice related to domestic employers:

The Government announced it would pay 80% of employee’s wages (up to £2,500/month) to those employees who have been laid off, does this apply to nanny/domestic employers?

We are currently waiting for confirmation on whether the newly announced reimbursement of 80% of employees pay (up to 2,500) for furloughed workers extends to domestic employers. Once we have confirmation on this from HMRC we will update this page accordingly.


2. How does sick pay (SSP) work with coronavirus?

If your employee has been advised by Public Health to self-isolate because they fall into one of the below categories, they will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, which is currently £94.25 per week.

These include:


3. What if my employee self isolates as a precaution?

If your employee chooses to self-isolate as a precaution but does not fall into one of the above categories, they can take this time either as holiday or unpaid leave.


4. Who is liable for sick pay (SSP)?

The Government have announced that they will reimburse SSP (currently a flat rate of £94.25 per week) for a period of 14 days for small businesses. Sickness unrelated to coronavirus will follow the usual rules and will not be reimbursed by the government.


5. Can I reclaim sick pay (SSP) as a domestic employer?

We are currently waiting for confirmation on whether SSP reimbursement extends to domestic employers. Once we have confirmation on this from HMRC we will update this page accordingly.


6. What happens if my family and/or I need to self-isolate?

If you request that your employee doesn’t attend work (either as a precaution or due to a member of the family falling ill with Coronavirus or Coronavirus like symptoms), the employee should be paid their full standard salary.


7. What are the rules around pregnant women who are being advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks?

If your employee is pregnant and self-isolating as a result, our HR advisors strongly recommend that you pay your employees full pay during this time. However, this is still a very grey area, and we can appreciate the financial burden this may have, so therefore SSP can be paid. Once we have more confirmation on this subject, we will update this page accordingly.


8. What should I do if my child’s school closes?

If your child’s school or nursery closes temporarily due to the coronavirus, you should contact your nanny to see if they can accommodate additional hours.


9. What can I do if I’m struggling to pay my tax liabilities?

If you are concerned about not being able to pay your tax due to coronavirus, there is now a dedicated helpline to support businesses and self-employed individuals with outstanding tax liabilities and other tax affairs – please call 0800 0159 559.

Contact Stafftax on:-


The advice below was correct at the time of writing, however as the Pandemic situation is evolving and appears to be changing on a daily basis, we strongly recommend that for the latest guidance and advice on Coronavirus you go to the NHS website:-

***If there is the slightest chance that you or anyone in your family has been feeling at all unwell or has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus, or is showing any of the symptoms of Coronavirus (persistent dry cough and/or high temperature), please ensure that you self-isolate immediately for the recommended period & notify your employer/ employee.***

Most of all, be kind & support one another!